AnDer 1.0 Beer (Tasting) Glass

The best beer(tasting)glass for brewers, beer tasters and beer lovers.

It is quite remarkable that an official beer tasting glass did not exist until now. For many years beer consultant Derek Walsh and beer sommelier André Köppen searched for the ideal glass to smell, judge and drink beer. In collaboration with Royal Leerdam the beer professionals designed a perfect beer(tasting)glass for optimal drinking and tasting of different beer types. The first experiences from experts all over the world are very promising.

Despite different tests Derek and André were not able to find a beer glass to optimally judge the aroma, color, clarity, foam and flavor. “As a compromise I used the ISO INAO wine glass but this glass isn’t ideal for beer”, says beer sommelier André Köppen. For that reason he contacted Royal Leerdam and the co-creation started. After months of designing, testing and optimizing, the Ander 1.0 Beer glass arised and will be launched in December 2015.


The balanced shape of the glass enhances the foam, the aroma’s and the flavors. The nucleation sites in the bowl encourage bubbles to take shape and lead to a beautiful foam head and a nice development of smell. The glass is suitable for beer tastings (10cl to 15cl) and for everyday beer enjoyment (20cl).

Opinion of Beer experts

“The AnDer 1.0 lifts a corner of the veil which other tasting glasses leave behind.”

Rick Kempen StiBON – Doemens Diplom-Biersommelier (The Netherlands)

“The AnDer 1.0 glass is elegant and sturdy. The smell stays put in the glass and the carbon pushes the foam perfectly upwards.”

Arvid Bergström, Bier sommelier and Chef (The Netherlands)

“Especially the shape I find to be very attractive. It looks good and graceful. The volume is sufficient. The volume is about 200 ml, this way the beer glass isn’t for tasting only and can be used for drinking a normal beer. The smells come to their justice in its fullest. Especially smells like caramel, malt and esters are more noticeable than in an Iso glass. The foam head is beautifully compressed in the opening of the glass.”

Hans Warning Head Bier Keurmeesters Gilde (The Netherlands)

“This gorgeous glass makes the consuming of beer very enjoyable. The unique shape makes the aroma’s come to life. They are pushed figuratively into the nose. The tin edge gives a comfortable feeling when the lips touch the glass. The body and taste are accentuated by the shape while tasting a beer. The glass has a fine grip and is esthetical pleasing.”

Luc De Raedemaeker, Tasting Director Brussels Beer Challenge. Doemens Diplom-Biersommelier (Belgium)

“Ander works amazingly on foam, and this is important in competitions. Moreover is far better than a classic competition glass. I'd like to use it in beer contests!”

Andrea Turco, Beer judge / blogger (Italy)


The brand Royal Leerdam has its origin in 1878 and is the biggest and oldest table glass brand in the Netherlands. Royal Leerdam is well known for its elegance and functional wineglasses for the consumer and the hospitality sector. Besides that the Royal Leerdam range includes a number of water and specialty glasses. Iconic designs as the Gilde glass and the Bouquet glass as well as functional tasting glasses that can be found in the Specials range.

Everybody that wants to try AnDer 1.0 can participate in glass tastings which Derek and André will provide on the upcoming events such as the Dutch trade show Horecava 2016. Just visit the Royal Leerdam stand.

Extra information AnDer 1.0

Point of sale : From January 2016 available in different hospitality wholesalers.
Website : Royal Leerdam Website
Youtube : Royal Leerdam AnDer 1.0 Beer (Tasting) Glass