With traditional glassmaking craftsmanship, a team of top designers, Royal status and vast experience, Royal Leerdam is truly a brand that we can be proud of. In addition to popular lines such as Bouquet and L’Esprit du Vin, we are introducing a new three-line label called ‘Royal Leerdam Finesse’.

Dutch Design is renowned for its power and simplicity. The design a esthetics from this ‘Dutch design school’ also apply to Royal Leerdam Finesse. Each glass is unique in its own way. The refined workmanship of the rim, achieved through innovative laser technology, enhances the drinking experience as a whole.

All the glasses belonging to the Royal Leerdam Finesse line are beautiful. Each of them have a look that radiates good taste, and their design demonstrates the fact that functionality, application and the ideal taste experience are what our designers and engineers have focused on.


Royal Leerdam glass is safe and natural. It is manufactured from sand, lime and soda, three safe raw materials. As opposed to crystal and crystalline glassware, it contains no lead or other pollutants identified as substances of very high concern by the European Chemicals Agency. Nothing preserves flavour and freshness like pure glass. When you drink from glassware made by Royal Leerdam, you will experience the pure flavour of your drink. Nothing more and nothing less.

Royal Leerdam Finesse presents three unorthodox lines of fine, pure glassware: Sublime, Novum and Noblesse. Thanks to their natural purity, their strength and their environmentally-friendly characteristics, these glasses are an ideal alternative to crystal and crystalline glassware.