The AnDer Beer glass is the best beer tasting glass for brewers, crafted beer producers and beer aficionados. It’s a co-creation by Royal Leerdam, Derek Walsh (beer consultant) and André Köppen (beer sommelier). AnDer’s beautiful design goes hand-in-hand with its functionality. The wide tulip-shaped bowl with a narrow top, makes it ideal to optimally judge the flavour, aroma, colour, clarity and foam concentration of different beer types. The smaller capacity is suitable for professional tastings and small serves, where the larger capacity offers a full bottle size. AnDer enhances the flavors and aromas of any type of beer you use it for, such as Lagers, Wheat Beers, IPAs, and craft beers in general. Suitable for casual beer enjoyment.

  • Co-creation with beer experts
  • Beautiful and functional design
  • Perfect beer experience
  • Suitable for tap and bottled beer.