Royal Leerdam has a rich and proud history in the production of stemmed wine glasses. With traditional Dutch glassmaking craftsmanship, a team of top designers, royal status and vast experience, Royal Leerdam is able to offer you the right wine glass for every situation and purpose, including restaurants, hotels, banqueting events, catering services, bars, bistros and brasseries. Our extensive collection blends basic and classic shapes with modern and elegant designs, in a perfect combination of functionality and style. The practical ranges Bouquet and Gilde, with their classic and functional design, are perfect for intensive high volume services like for example banqueting and large-scale catering projects. Whereas elegant ranges like Adora, Doyenne and Grandeur will have a more distinct presentation, creating eye-catching table settings for fine dining establishments. If you are looking for stemware that will enhance the taste experience of a specific wine type, the Experts’ Collection is a perfect choice. The
series has been created in a close collaboration with Barbara Verbeek, a well-known Dutch wine expert and wine journalist.