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About Royal Leerdam

At Royal Leerdam we have been designing and manufacturing glassware for the hospitality industry for 145 years. Our brand is known for its powerful combination of elegant design and functional details. Elegant design contributes to a sense of quality and adds value to the overall image of restaurants, hotels, banqueting events, catering establishments and bars. 

The high-quality collections of Royal Leerdam offer glassware for different purposes and every occasion, whether you are looking for elegant stemware, all-rounders or specialty glasses. The versatility of the various lightweight ranges and the broad spectrum of product lines that will remain in stock for years have earned Royal Leerdam the reputation of a reliable partner in the hospitality industry.

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Our Golden Collection

The golden collection by Royal Leerdam blends sophistication and perfection for an indulgent experience. Clear glassware that redefines elegance and exquisite features. This collection includes three ranges:

  • BONHEUR, an exciting addition with a vintage-inspired design. From refreshing Gins to exotic Margaritas and classic Martinis, this range is the perfect choice for fancy restaurants and bars.
  • CARRÉ OPTICS, a new line featuring two wine glasses, a flute, and a coupe, ready to grace every table.
  • RÉGIS, a standout in our golden collection, with a trio of wine and champagne glasses, excellent for robust reds, light to medium-bodied whites, and dry, fruity sparklers.

These glasses are specially designed for professional use in any foodservice area. The design of these glasses is based on the ideal design to meet the highest standards of professional use. Are you curious about the rest of our range? Check our new 2024/2025 catalogue now! 

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Experts' Collection

The Experts’ Collection embodies the beauty of an elegant design and a perfect bowl shape, developed to enhance the wine tasting experience. The series has been created in a close collaboration with Barbara Verbeek, a well-known Dutch wine expert and wine journalist.

Every wine is unique” Barbara explains, “my ambition was to develop a range of wine glasses, respecting the unique characteristics of each type of wine to bring out the wine’s notes and flavours”.

The Experts’ Collection range consists of six different glasses. They are suited for wines that are Light & Fresh, Fruity & Smooth, Round & Mature, Powerful & Spicy and Sparkling wines. In addition, the range offers a versatile stemless glass which is perfect for serving water, but yet equally suitable for wine service.

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