Specials Spirits

Just like with wines, beers and cocktails, there is a specific glass suitable for drinking liquors and spirits. The Specials Spirits collection offers a fine array of glassware designed to elevate the experience of breathing in and tasting your favorite drink to the full. Part of the collection are classic shaped brandy glasses, with a short stem and rounded wide bowl with a narrow rim. Perfect to be cupped in the hand to gently swirl and warm the spirit so the aromatic bouquet of the brandy is being released. The wide bowl allows for maximum aroma and flavor to develop, as you drink with each sip. Our collection also contains glasses for serving grappa, aquavit and whisky.

Earlier this year we added three new glasses for serving brandy, grappa and whisky/rum. These beautiful glasses with their distinctive elegant shape have a slightly thinner stem and refined bowl shape, elevating the drinking experience to a new level.