Special Beers

Royal Leerdam’s Specials Beers glasses are carefully designed to complement any beer style. Serving beer in the appropriate glass will accentuate its aroma, flavor and mouthfeel. Also it will influence the amount of head and carbonation. A Pilsner for example needs a tall and rather slender glass which reveals the color and carbonation of the beer. The tulip beer glass with a round and slightly flared shape on the other hand, is designed for Belgian beers. It captures the head and promotes the aroma and flavor of typical Belgian beers. Not only do beer glasses provide a nicer drinking experience, but they also enhance the beer’s flavor based on their shape. Therefore, it’s crucial to the success of any bar, restaurant or bistro to serve beers in the proper glasses.

For beer tastings, Royal Leerdam offers the AnDer 1.0 beer glass. The AnDer range is a co-creation between Royal Leerdam and Dutch beer experts. AnDer’s beautiful design goes hand-in-hand with its functionality. The wide tulip-shaped bowl with a narrow top, makes it ideal to optimally judge the flavour, aroma, colour, clarity and foam concentration of different beer types. The smaller capacity is suitable for professional tastings and small serves, where the larger capacity offers a full bottle size.