Specials Cocktails

The Specials Cocktails serie is specially designed for professional use in any food service area that serves special drinks. The classic shapes serve the classic cocktails like Martini, Gin Tonic and the Coupe is meant for “up and over” cocktails, which means any drink that’s shaken, stirred, strained in a chilled glass and served without ice. For tropical drinks our Hurricane glass can be used. It’s a tall curved glass and shaped like the hurricane lamp. It’s typically used to serve the Hurricane cocktail, but it’s also well suited for a numerous other tropical and tiki cocktails like the Singapore Sling, Piña Colada, and Scorpion.

Besides the more traditional classic glass shapes we also offer a short and tall Gin Tonic which are recently added to the collection. These beautiful elegant glasses have a modern angled bowl, a slightly thinner stem and a wide bowl which makes them perfect for Gin Tonic or any other cocktail with plenty of ice and garnishes.