About Royal Leerdam

Royal Leerdam is part of Leerdam Crisal Glass, one of the largest glass tableware manufacturers in Europe. Leerdam Crisal Glass wants to be there with the amazing brands Royal Leerdam and ONIS.

At Royal Leerdam we have been designing and manufacturing glassware for the hospitality industry for 145 years. Our brand is known for its powerful combination of elegant design and functional details. Elegant design contributes to a sense of quality and adds value to the overall image of restaurants, hotels, banqueting events, catering establishments and bars.

Through our production plants in Leerdam (The Netherlands) and Marinha Grande (Portugal), we manufacture high-quality glass tableware. The high-quality collections of Royal Leerdam offer glassware for different purposes and every occasion, whether you are looking for elegant stemware, all-rounders or specialty glasses. The versatility of the various lightweight ranges and the broad spectrum of product lines that will remain in stock for years have earned Royal Leerdam the reputation of a reliable partner in the hospitality industry.

At Royal Leerdam we are dedicated to creating enjoyable glassware for every occasion and every moment in the most sustainable way. It's at the heart of everything we do and has been for almost 150 years.