The GOLDEN COLLECTION by Royal Leerdam blends sophistication and perfection for an indulgent experience. Clear glassware that redefines elegance and exquisite features.

Meet RÉGIS, a standout in our new GOLDEN COLLECTION, specially designed for pros in the industry. RÉGIS combines elegance and efficiency, transforming every sip into an exquisite moment in the world of fine dining. With easily gripped stems and generously sized bowls, RÉGIS elevates the wine appreciation experience, becoming perfect for both catering services and home enjoyment. Above all, the premium laser-cut rim enhances the drinking experience.

Raise a toast with RÉGIS, a trio of wine and champagne glasses, excellent for robust reds, light to medium-bodied whites, and dry, fruity sparklers.

  • Minimalist and functional design.
  • Reliable performance in fast-moving environments.
  • Versatility for different wines.
  • Proper use to wine experiences and cele-brating special occasions.
  • With laser cut rim.